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A freelance writer has a lot of jobs that he or she can do online as long as they are all about writing. Companies have jobs for journalists, including promotional content and public relations content. That means you can write a script for television and radio commercials. What’s more, journalists can also come up with jingle lyrics, taglines, slogans, press releases, coupons, and other types of internet content.

How to Become a Successful Journalist?


Find other online journalists online and join their networks. They will help you identify the best platforms where you can find work. Social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook are some of the best places where you can find fellow freelancers. You learn who they write for and where freelance writing jobs are available. Cold pitching always helps to land on a job, but an introduction by a friend is still the best. Interact with people online and with time, ask them to introduce you to people who can give you some work.

Research on potential publications

Before you even sign up with one of the many freelance journalists websites, read reviews to know the topics mostly covered, their style and tone and their targeted audience. Talk to their editors and see their samples before you sign up.

Go For Topics Rarely Covered

Writing covers different topics, but some are more popular than others. Get yourself quickly established go for the rarely covered topics. You will quickly build your niche and get many opportunities to write and get paid since only a few people can cover such content. If a publisher hires you, always check if they have already covered a topic. It will help you offer something unique and impressive and can help you get more work from the same client.

Keep Pitching

Jobs for online journalists are mostly awarded to the writer with the best pitching. Pitch more than you can handle because you will experience some rejections. Being a freelance journalist always be ready to miss out on significant opportunities when an editor fails to give you a chance. Other times you will find yourself with too much work to handle.

Create a Portfolio

A portfolio can include a website to give you online exposure. It will help you land a job even when not pitching. Some editors Google to find new writers and you can land on a lucrative career just because your portfolio is online. What’s more, a website is like a clip book to showcase your writing.

Share Your Wealth with Other Journalists

If you are already successful in online journalism, help others. Make connections with those who are looking for online solutions and recommend them to editors if their work is of high quality. As you gain experience in online writing, you demand increases. If you cannot fit something into your already tight schedule, recommend a fellow writer to the editor or business owner.


Online journalists have to come up with fresh ideas and pitch them in the best platforms like The Online Publishers TOP Platform. Choose a good place where you will not only find a well paying job, but one that is likely to give you more job opportunities.


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