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All About Yacht and Ship Registration

Vanuatu yacht

Vanuatu yacht

Although registering your yacht or ship in Vanuatu is relatively easy, there are still procedures to follow and regulations to adhere to.  In this blog we are going to look at some of those procedures and other criteria necessary to accomplish this feat.

What Will You Need?

First, you will need an application form for each yacht or ship you want to register.  Then you will need a declaration for that vessel plus notarized proof that you own it.  Since the primary focus of the government of Vanuatu is on the safety of its population, you will also be required to furnish proof that each vessel is seaworthy.  In other words, that it is safe to operate, especially if it is to be used for commercial purposes.

Other Things You Will Need

In addition to those things, you must have proof of insurance for each vessel you want to register.  Your insurance policy is required to include pollution clean-up, public liability and wreck removal provisions.  The coverage amounts MUST correlate to the size of that particular vessel.  You are also required to have two specific color photos of the vessel.  Because you are registering in Vanuatu, and this will be its home port, a Radio Station License will be necessary as well.

What About the Fees?

Of course, there are fees associated with your yacht or ship registration in Vanuatu, as there would be anywhere else.  You are paying for the following:

  • Private vessel registration
  • Compulsory Call Sign
  • 5-year minimum annual registration fee to the Vanuatu Maritime Authority
  • Incorporating a Vanuatu International Company

Who Can Register Their Sea Vessel?

In Vanuatu there are several answers to this question.  Anyone looking to register a yacht or a ship for personal pleasure can do so.  Additionally, so can business-oriented entrepreneurs.  They might even wish to register several yachts or ships and have a commercial fleet.  Essentially, everyone is welcome to fly the flag of Vanuatu on their vessel as long as they adhere to all safety standards and follow their rules.  Vessels originating in Vanuatu and flying their flag receive a fine reception from countries around the world.

Trade Board Limited

All these registration steps can seem a bit confusing.  The best thing you can do is hire a company to take care of all details for you.  The company we recommend is Trade Board Limited.  TOP Company Formation (TCF) is owned and operated by “Trade Board Limited”. Trade Board Limited is an authorized agent of the government of Vanuatu to process yachts and shipping vessels registration applications for clients from all over the world. Your application will be processed professionally and legally in short time.

Trade Board Limited also offers additional services, being a Vanuatu Financial Services Commission agent and holding a PR license from the said commission allows the company to form companies in 3 days for clients from all over the world. All services are done remotely with no need for physical presence. Trade Board limited also promote Vanuatu permanent residency program and is a sub-agent for Vanuatu Citizenship Program.  Contact them today!

Why Trade Board Limited?

They are based in Vanuatu and have first-hand knowledge of everything to do with this 83-island archipelago.  TBL understands every nuance and characteristic of each of these islands.  They know all the laws, regulations and purpose for each fee.  Not only can they help you with the entire process, but they can explain it to you in plain everyday language so you can grasp what they are talking about.  This is exactly what you want from a representative for you in Vanuatu.  There might be other services regarding this country they can help you with, or at least instruct you on where to go.  Trade Board Limited offers so much, why not let them represent you in your sea vessel registration quest?


Do you love being on your yacht or ship?  Register it and open a sea-going business at the same time in Vanuatu.  There are so many creative businesses you can have there involving your sea vessel.  Trade Board Limited can assist you.  Visit us at https://tradeboard.biz.

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